I3 window manager great for low memory use

I have been playing around with the I3 window manager and its great if you can get accustomed to using hotkeys. At the moment I am running I3 with chrome with 3 tabs, keepassxc, 2 terminals and gst-launch playing video at a flat 2gb on my xavier nx. I have 8 gb total so I have not needed the extra ram so far. This is better than LXDE from my experience. It seems like a great X baised window manager.

This could be a great option for the memory limited nanos

It’s in repos so “apt install i3” gets the base instralled

FYI: Ubuntu seems to use “Windows Super key / mac options key”


Youtube I3 demo/turtorial

Thanks for sharing the information, This gives another alternative for using Jetson Nano 2GB. Much appreciation.

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my Feature request would be a good basic conf file that corrects the small font issue on initial use.
It’s not all that hard to figure out on your own regardless.