IB Interface Serial Number

I have a 60+ node HPC cluster with IB connectivity. The OS is redhat 5/6. Is there a way to obtain the serial number of my ib interfaces without manually taking the interfaces out of the node?


Warren Crummer

Install first the MFT (Mellanox Firmware Tools) package on the HPC, then you can do a VPD (Vital product data) query, by running the followings:

lspci -d 15b3: (to get you the pci device number )

output example:


06:00.0 Ethernet controller: Mellanox Technologies MT27520 Family [ConnectX-3 Pro]


mst start (start mft service)

mstvpd 06:00.0

output example:


ID: CX354A - ConnectX-3 Pro QSFP


EC: A4

SN: MT1432X03761

V0: PCIe Gen3 x8

V1: N/A



Hope this helps