ib_modify_qp error in Windows Server 2012

Hello, there was a following problem. Ib_modify_qp the function returns INVALID PARAMETR when using it. Use ConnectX 2 on the system Windows Server 2012.

This problem arose also in the test example in the SDK.

Was used for work projects with Windows Servera 2008. Had a similar error.

rc = ib_modify_qp(resources->ph_qp, &p_qp_mod);

if (rc != IB_SUCCESS) {

fprintf(stderr, “ib_modify_qp to INIT failed\n”);

return rc;


How can I solve this problem?

the support you’re asking for a fix to the Ib_modify_qp malfunction may need to involve higher debugging level session support, so I’m suggestion that you approach to support@mellanox.com mailto:support@mellanox.com asking for a technical-support, although I have to notify you that as far as I know, support for CX-2 adapter within Mellanox is now EOL