IB routing engine for small fabric with just two switches? Is minhop sufficient?

we setup a small Infiniband fabric using two switches QM8700. We’ll connect the switches on ports 1-6 and use 7-40 to connect host ports. Can we just use the default minhop routig engine or do we need to use something more advanced like LASH to get this working? I want to make sure that we get routes passing between switches, i.e. that all hosts on switch A can reach hosts on switch B. ;-) We’ll run the subnet manager on the QM8700 switch itself, with just about 40 host ports this should be fine.

thank you,


Hi Heiner,

It’s fine to run Minhop routing engine in the network you mentioned because there is no possibility of a credit loop.
You can find more information from man help:

man opensm


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