IB routing protocols diffrences

  1. Where I can find documentations about the routing algorithm differences (MinHop/UpDwn/Fat-tree)

  2. Any recommendation when I need to use MinHop/UpDwn/Fat-tree?

Hi Rona,

we have some good description and how-to use those routing algorithms with our user manuals. other then that, you can also read on opensm development and official documentation

opensm resources: opensm(8) - Linux man page http://linux.die.net/man/8/opensm and Mellanox user manual http://www.mellanox.com/related-docs/prod_software/Mellanox_OFED%20_Linux_user_manual_1_5_2-2_1_0.pdf

There is also OpenSM routing doc on OpenFabrics (OFA) web site:

git.openfabrics.org Git - ~halr/opensm.git/blob - doc/current-routing.txt http://git.openfabrics.org/?p=~halr/opensm.git;a=blob;f=doc/current-routing.txt;h=d23ae0d703313f3c82b57c6d36a19c8d764fa41a;hb=HEAD

May be I so late with answer but

If you have tree-based topology then you need use min hop.

If you have tru fat-tree - fat tree routing engine. Some people talk that it give +20% to perfomence. I dont understend way but

If you have any cycled topology then you try use up-down

For torus - torus2q