IBADM Software to configure a Flextronics F-X430066 switch?

Hello: I believe this is badly out of date, but I need to find the IBADM software to configure a Flextronics F-X430066 across the IB cables (in-band). I’ve looked all around mellanox.com, but couldn’t locate it. Can anyone help me find this software?

Thank You Very Much,


If you want inband manage the switch , you can install MFT on a IB node.

Then use flint ​to manage it

after install mft

#[mst start]​


#flint -d lid-



Thank you very much. There doesn’t seem to be a way to download MFT or IBADM from the mellanox web site, even at the link you provided, although MFT is briefly described there.