IBIS/S-Parameter 'Read me'

As an example of the IBIS/S Param models needing some additional documentation:

There are multiple model files in the UPHY folder – it looks like one is the package model maybe? Not sure if the other is S params of the driver model?


How are those intended to be used in a simulation setup?

The IBIS to use for PCIe is I assume, pcie_ibis_3b5db.ibs? Or is it t194_uphy_ibis_ami_rev1p00?

Can you provide some guidance as to what each model represents/how it is intended to be used in SI simulations?

Module P/N is 2888, SOC P/N is T194.
142-82888-1000-A03_UPHYTxRx567_HFSSModel1.s24p is P2888 module UPHY Tx and Rx Sparameter.
Xavier_SoC_S1_2588BGA37p5mm12L_Northside_Interfaces_L1toTop.s32p is SOC’s UPHY package Sparameter.

Module user should use 142-82888-1000-A03_UPHYTxRx567_HFSSModel1.s24p for PCIe.