Ics-52000 mic

I Am trying to connect a ics-52000 microphone to my Jetson nano unit,
i designed a custom PCB for it and bought a evaluation kit for testing it before.
the issues is when i connect my custom PCB to the Jetson i get a data channel with no actual data (not even noise), i used the exact same design as the evaluation kit and the kit works beautifully.
does anyone know what could be the issue?

This is the evaluation kit design:
ev kit
This is my custom PCB design:

How did you connect this to Jetson nano? There is no audio codec on nano dev kit board, you need to make a custom carrier board for the mic.

Assume you are using DMIC1/DMIC2 on board, they are 1.8V tolerance, and need to configure in pinmux and dts.