I'd like to receive data from Jaxon Nano in real time

The sensor value is sent to the jetson nano board through a converter, but I want to receive the real-time value sent to the laptop matlab, what should I do?

Hello @dltmdwns49.

I understand that you are gathering information from a sensor using a Jetson Nano and you need that information to be sent to you Laptop.

For this purpose you could try to use Robot Operating System (ROS). It is a tool designed for Robotic applications that could be useful for you since you are working with sensors.

ROS works with a concept of publisher and subscriber nodes. This means that you could create a ROS node on your Jetson, that “publishes” the data of the sensor to a “topic”, and on your laptop you could have ROS node that “subscribes” to that “topic”, getting the data from the sensor on your laptop.

You can find C++ and Python examples and tutorials here

Let me know if you find this useful.

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