ID3D11CommandList support.

Nsight doesn’t seem to support the expansion of ID3D11CommandList’s into debuggable commands. Is support for command lists coming at some point? It’d be nice to have for debugging a multi-threaded renderer…

Currently we have comprehensive support of command buffers and some support of command lists. Let me look into this, and I’ll put in a feature request for you from my findings.

Hmm, I must have had a bad capture or something the other day. Took one today and my draw calls from the command list are showing up now. However, the D3DPERF markers are only showing up in the timeline where they were inserted into the deferred context to generate the commandlist.

Where the commandlist is actually executed, the perf markers are no longer present. Be nice to get this fixed for ease of use.

Thanks, and sorry for the misinformation.