ID3D11Device::CreateTexture2D with initial data problem.

Couple of last drivers releases have problem when creating textures with initial data.
Very often I get black stripe about 5 pixel height and the whole image width on textures created this way. This method is for example used by DirectXTex library to load textures from file and the results I get after using this library have also this issue. Last version which seems to be free from this problem is 332.21 release. I’m surprised that till now nobody found that problem but maybe it is connected to the fact that our system uses only non power of 2 textures. We don’t have such problem with AMD cards and as mentioned above with NVIDIA with driver 332.21 or earlier. The only workaround for this problem was to create texture and map for writing instead of just creating with initial data. Has any one also found this problem and know better solution for loading textures than use of Map method?