Ideas for A2fF & A2Gesture based on my experience

Hello Nvidia Gurus!

I have been working a lot with a2f and a2gesture with character Creator cc4 characters.

I would love to see more features in near future:

Most of the a2gesture stules are repeating pretty much the same gestures again and again, we need a lot more of fresh new motion captures and combinations blended from these.

Customizing the selected style further is needed.
Same kind set of sliders that we have in a2f full emotions would be a great tool here!

Also the ability to pick a camera to look at is very important, so these avatars do not just looking roughly to forward, but to controlled point like camera 1 or camera 2 when user switch the active camera in Machinima sequencer.

Above that we need a system to control where avatar points to, reach at, waves his/her hand towards. This way we can make a full stories where the environment and objects in it are also part of the full visual journey.

As a last wish, I would like to see a2gesture to be combined in to a walking character, so we could move in environment and let the imagination fly - like a super charged car sales person.

This could be a rough experience in Real-Time RTX first when user makes the first direction of a character, and then there could be a AI calculation pause when user waits and as a result we could have a final, smoother blending of characters animation pointing and lookind at different directions with a2gestures.

Pekka Varis
Omniverse Ambassador

Hello @pekka.varis! I will send this over to the dev team to evaluate! We really appreciate your feedback!

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Thanks Wendy!!! excited to see where we go!