ideas plz

hi,ive been running a nvidia geforce 6800 gpu on my pc for a year and half/2year.past few months ive been doin alot of online gaming,when ive been on battlefield 2/2142 ive noticed the game really laggin alot at times,so went to desktop and looked at the nvidia gpu temp.and seen it one bar in the red!after this happend a few times(about same time also started getting the odd blue screen dumping pysical memory)i looked about for new i got one last night and thought would play few games see what its like,so far its been ok i would say but early days lol,good thing about new update that can moniter far its been as high as late 80’s.i.e 87,86(no red yet,before was goin to abit over 100 at times).so am wondering if any you guys have any ideas on this,is that temp ok for gaming?was told before got update looks like card doesnt have long left.the settin on the card is now at performance.

any help/ideas on this would be appreciated.

p.s not totaly sure this is in the right part of forum,if not could the mod move it please?thanks.

anyone? :D

This is not the right forum, but I don’t think any of the mods are going to move your post. You should ask your question somewhere in here:

thanks man,i made a post with link to this thread.was hoping to get some feed back but no luck.