Ideas to obtain a sort key

Hi all! I am implementing an idea given to me that basically has one matrix(with a lot of rows and 3 columns) and outputs 3 arrays(one to use with CUDPP compact(done) one to use with CUDPP sort and one with the row indexes, to be used with the CUDPP library too).

I am now trying to find the array with the sort key, but I am having a hard time thinking parallel. I found a way to do it with CPU:

float*cpusort(float*vecin,float*vecout,int dim){


	for(int i=0;i<dim;i++){

		float min=INT_MAX;

		for(int j=0;j<dim;j++){

			if (vecin[j]<min){




		for(int m=0;m<dim;m++)







	return vecout;


Basically, for each cycle, it finds the minimum value of the array, saves that minimum in a variable and then it replaces that minimum with INT_MAX, it then goes on to search for the next minimum and so on. It works, but I am having a hard time transposing this line of though to GPU, basically I want to obtain a sort key based on the matrix’s first row. Does anyone has any thoughts on this? I do not want code, I just need some kind of advice ;) Thanks in advance

try it with thrust

use a (implicit) tuple of your matrix first row and (implicit) indices, like

thrust::make_zip_iterator(thrust::make_tuple(row.begin(), thrust::counting_iterator<int>(0)));

there are some functions like sort_by_key, but I didnt use them already.

check the documentation

Thanks for the reply. I was trying to avoid thrust since I would have to teach myself some C++ and I don’t know if I have the time to do it. I think I will sort with CPU for now, and if in the end, should I have some spare time, I will use thrust