Identifier is undefined Nsight Eclipse 5.5

In a project with many .cu files and a .h file, I have some constants defined in my like this (shown just one as example):

device constant unsigned int x[1];

#include “”

… some code…

In the file I am trying to use that constant, like this:

cudaMemcpyToSymbol(x, y, sizeof(xx));

But Eclipse is giving me the error: identifier “x” is undefined.

I noticed that #includes in my, like the header.h, I need to specifically add in all the .cu files again. Which produced some redefinition problems that I solved using #pragma once.

I am new to Eclipse in general, found some complains about the CDT regarding include files not being indexed. I tried the Index Rebuild/Update/Freshen/Re-resolve method that worked for some in this regard, but with no luck with my problems.

Also, tried disabling the ‘heuristic resolution of includes’ in Properties -> Indexer. I thought I got it for a few moments but then the error showed up again.

Any ideas to solve this problem?