Identify Jetson Type via MAC address?

You are able to find the vendor via a MAC address via sites like.

My Jetson NX module is easily detected as “NVIDIA Corporation”.

I wonder if it is possible to determine Jetson modules from their MAC address alone.

I am especially interrested in detecting if a module is TX1, TX2, Nano, NX, AGX etc. via mac addresses.

Is it possible?

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The MAC address for any network device is in general not a way to identify the device the ethernet is connected to unless you’ve already examined which device type it is and created your own lookup table of MAC-to-type. You might be better off if you give a use-case of what it is you want to accomplish.

All Jetson modules I know has an onboard ethernet controller. That controller is often used directly for consumer devices.

I am often asked how this and that product is working, and I usually take the MAC address as a hint. That often leaves me with a company name like Qualcomm or Nvidia

It would be usefull to be able to determine what Jetson is used when Nvidia pops up.

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I don’t think that is possible, although some companies might use a given MAC address range (a range which might change). If you want a guaranteed answer, then you probably have to be able to log in to the Jetson (there might be some corollary in recovery mode).

I am aware that the mac address can be spoofed.

But in my experience it is often used directly.

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