Identify TX2 during flashing via SDK Manager

Just in case you don’t know. Sdkm does not “flash” those things to your jetson. It is actually sending sdk one by one to your jetson through network and then install…

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Until today I was running the SDK manager on an Ubuntu host selecting all items moving the board to recovery mode and letting the SDK manager to move all selected items to the board. I don’t understand what I’m asking wrong?

Do you see there is a click item on “Jetson OS” and “Jetson SDK Components”?

The above one is using recovery mode to flash and the SDK components are using network to send it to device and then install…

So you are actually not flashing anything when installing sdk.

What I am talking about now is you can un-click “Jetson OS” in sdkmanager and only install the sdk components…

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There is also another method to create a all-in-one image… But that is not related to sdkmanager anymore.

You can use clone method here to clone out an image from a jetson device which was pre-installed with sdk components… and then flash it to the rests of jetson in future.

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I got it, I was under the impression that a single imge is generated which includes all items.
My bad, thank you for the thorough explanation.

This how I duplicated my systems until today. thanks.

Since those other applications are really installed only after the flash completes and the system is fully booted, consider that if you later update a unit, have all applications you want on it, and so on, then a clone could be produced of this, and the clone image could be used for flashing instead of the generated flash image. Then the board would start with all of that on it just through flash (and even command line flash would have exactly what you want).

The down side of a clone for flash is that it also copies login accounts and passwords, so on. In California this might be a legal issue since they don’t want defaults (this is why “first boot account setup” came to exist).

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