Identifying Jetson serial number from development host

On the Jetson itself, I can look at /proc/device-tree/serial-number.

But there are circumstances where it would be useful to identify a Jetson that is attached to the development host via USB, for instance to customize the rootfs before I flash it.

Is there a way to query it?

hello rgovostes,

please check developer guide, To determine whether the developer kit is in Force Recovery mode.
you may put device to enter forced-recovery mode and check the device-id for the types of Jetson modules with $ lsusb commands.

Thank you @JerryChang but I believe this device-id is the same for all Jetsons of the same kind, for instance all TX2s are the same.

Can I identify the serial number so that I can distinguish two TX2s?

hello rgovostes,

there’s a sticker on the carrier board to shows the serial number.
from the software point-of-view, you’ll need to boot into linux for checking the serial number via sysnode.

Yes, it is possible. When you flash there should be a bootloader/cvm.bin file created. You can look in there and see the PN and serial number. You will have to do some digging in the scripts and programs packed around to figure out how that cvm.bin file gets downloaded from the remote Jetson TX2 device. Good luck!