Identifying the chip at runtime

What is the proper way to identify the board type (TX1, TX2, Xavier, Orin, etc.) at runtime?

In the past, I have used:

cat /sys/module/tegra_fuse/parameters/tegra_chip_id

This is also suggested in this forum topic:

That topic lists the following values:

TK1: 64
TX1: 33
TX2: 24
[EDIT: Xavier: 25]

But, that file does not exist on the Orin. Is it possible to detect the chip type at runtime reliably?

You may find this from sysfs. Check:

Thanks for the help. That “file” is available on the Orin, but not on the older models (Xavier, TX2, etc). Was the information just moved to that new location, or is that a different type of information? I am having some trouble finding reliable documentation on that.

It should be available with some previous releases such as recent JP4.

You may need to be be root:

sudo su
cat /sys/devices/soc0/soc_id

I am guessing the jetpack or host Ubuntu version isn’t new enough for that to be available on my Xavier or TX2

Hmm… this was working on TX1 in Jan 2017:

Are you using standard kernel from JetPack ? Do you have /sys ? /sys/devices ?

I am 99% that we are using the standard kernel from the JetPack. /sys/devices does exist, however, it does not have any “soc#” entries. The new Orin I am testing on does.

For the 1% left, if you’re not using standard devkits but 3rd party carrier board, you may ask their support.
Did you edit device tree or /etc/fstab ?

Otherwise, it looks unexpected to me.
NVIDIA folks may have better suggestion than me for this.

hello sgw136,

which l4t release version you’re currently working?
please refer to below for checking,
such as… # cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model or, # cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/compatible

Here are the results of catting those two files:
model: jetson-xavier
compatible: nvidia,jetson-xaviernvidia,tegra194

hello sgw136,

so, you’re able to identify the chip at runtime. are we able to close this discussion thread?

Between /sys/module/tegra_fuse/parameters/tegra_chip_id and /sys/devices/soc0/soc_id I believe so

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