IDS GigE camera ueye - error initializing

Hi everyone,

I have posted earlier about having issues with drivers for my IDS GigE camera, which I have now solved.

Now I have another issue when I try to initialize the camera it gives me an error with status code 3 with no other errors. I can see the camera in the IDS manager, and its status is ready. However when I try to initialize it or open it , it fails. I am using Jetson TX2 and model of camera is: UI-5584LE-C-HQ

Thank you


Does this need any specific software/driver?


I have downloaded the SDK manager, which updates the camera driver when the camera is first connected. I can see both GiGE ETH and USB drivers online.

For this line I am getting status ‘3’ back:

ueye.is_InitCamera(h_cam, None)

This tries to initialize the drivers.

Edit: I just got it to work, strangely enough all it needed was another reboot after driver installation (i have rebooted before).

Thank you