IDXGIOutput1::DuplicateOutput breaking G-Sync


when activating AMBIENTpx in Aquasuite, G-Sync mode stops working after 1 sec.
When i start or re-enter a game i see the adaptive framerate for 1 second, after that the monitor get fixed at 120hz.
In Pendulum Demo i see the mode switches from G-Sync to fixed after 1 second and after that it cannot be reactivated.

Logitech G-Hub effect “Screen Sampler” does practically the same thing, but activating this effect does not bug G-Sync, though it maybe uses a different api method.

I already asked for support at Aquacomputer but they say this is a driver issue, because they are using the windows directx api.
They use:

Is there any chance that you can reproduce this issue in your lab and get in contact with Aquacomputer?

Solving this directX api issue may solve unspecified relating issues too.