IDXGISwapChain::Present behavior guarantees

I’ve noticed the nVidia control panel setting for “Vertical sync” only affects my application’s OpenGL back-ends but not the Direct3D 11 back-end.
To be clear up front: the driver settings not overriding my settings is what I would prefer and everything below is in the context of using Direct3D 11.0.

Does or can IDXGISwapChain::Present involve graphics drivers or some other party in its sync-mode decision-making like SwapBuffers does with OpenGL drivers?
Basically, I’d like to know whether it is guaranteed to actually do what I asked for when the call is successful or if the behavior can be overridden somewhere else like in OpenGL land.
If it can be guaranteed only under certain circumstances, I’d be very interested to know which.
Do adaptive V-Sync and G-Sync throw a wrench in all of this or does it simply not get enabled unless we go through NVAPI to enable it?

Thanks in advance.