If camera HW board is removed, the camera driver will not be probed

Dear ALL,

when i remove the camera hw board(e3326), the camera driver will not be probed.
Form the log, i found that the device is not register, but i cannot find the root cause.
Form the source code, driver/i2c/busses/i2c_tegra_vi.c
static int tegra_vi_i2c_probe(struct platform_device *pdev)
///now the pdev cannot find the child node

In my opinion, the hw board will not be detected for the driver register.

hello PanAndy,

our software design do not probe the camera driver if the hw isn’t connected.
may i know what’s your purpose here?
would you like to disconnect camera sensor board but let system software generate a pseudo device node?

hello JerryChang,

Thanks for your reply.
Now I have fixed this issue.

I refer the following documents.
To enable Plugin Manager support

  1. Add your device DTSI to the camera lists in:
  2. Add the override information to:
    Using Main Platform Device Tree File
    Register your new device by updating main platform DTSI file to include your new device DTSI file. Because Tegra uses Plugin Manager by default, you must first unregister Plugin Manager support first and then add your device information to the main device tree DTSI file.
    •You have obtained the kernel source files. For more information, see Synchronizing the Kernel in Getting Started.
    To register a device using main-platform device tree files
  3. Locate and edit the following file:
  4. In the DTSI, remove the following line:
    #include “tegra210-jetson-cv-camera-plugin-manager.dtsi”
  5. Locate and edit the following file:
  6. In the DTS file, replace the following line:
    #include “tegra210-platforms/tegra210-jetson-cv-camera-modules.dtsi”
    With an #include statement specifying your new device’s DTSI file

Hello JerryChang,

I can not search the code which detects the HW board(e3326).
Can you help to find it.
I will add one YUV sensor 4 lane, so I remove the HW board e3326 and connect my sensor with connector J22 directly

Pan Andy

Hello JerryChang,

If the detect function works in the U-boot?

Plugin Manager automatically links devices when the system kernel boots. Plugin Manager uses the camera module ID returned by the boot loader to update the device tree entries with proper information at runtime

hello PanAndy,

your understanding was correct for the device detection progress.

If the detect function works in the U-boot?
no, detect function is handling by the kernel side.

Hello JerryChang,

Can you share me the source code for the detection function? I cannot search it.