If SDMMC3 support eMMC HS200!?

Hi All,
We would like to use SDMMC3 to connect with an eMMC. Can the SDMMC3 supprt eMMC HS200!?

Hi, only SD card or SDIO is supported on SDMMC3.

Hi, Trumany,

Do you mean we cannot add extra eMMC via Pin SDMMC_XXX ?
Pin 219/221/223/225/227/229 of NANO .

Yes, as you can see in the Design Guide, only SD card and SDIO is supported.

Hi, Trumany,

As Design Guide mentions, SDIO’s max Frequency can be up to SDR104 (208 MHz) within 1.8V signaling.
And the storage size of on-board eMMC is way too small, our customer asks to have extra one within high speed eMMC.
Could you please advise how we can achieve it ?

eMMC is not supported. You may consider to use SD card or SSD.

Hi All,
In TX1 TRM, sdmmc3 connects with BDSDMEM_B pad while sdmmc4 connects with BDEMMC_IOBRICK_BFC pad.

Is there any difference between BDSDMEM_B and BDEMMC_IOBRICK_BFC which will make sdmmc3 couldn’t support eMMC!?

If not, can I say we only need to modify driver or devicetree to make sdmmc3 support eMMC!?

No, as you can see in it, only SD card or SDIO device for SDMMC3.

Hi Trumani,
Ok, I understand and agree with you.
I’m still curious about the difference between the BDSDMEM_B and BDEMMC_IOBRICK_BFC pads.
Do you know the difference between them! ?

BDEMMC_IOBRICK_BFC pads are to meet timing requirement of eMMC.

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