If use the X11 and lightdm system to display video, after two hours, it would be too slow to display

If use the X11 and lightdm system to display video or some opengl application, after two hours, would be too slow to display. where is the problem?

You may want to install a program like htop or xosview and see how much ram is used and if some process has started consuming CPU. Without more information there is no way to know. Particularly important information is which release is being used (“head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release”), and what program is running?

  1. i have a lot of printk in tegra_dc_ioctl

  2. R24 (release). REVISION:1.0, gcid:7164062, BOARD:t210ref, EABI:aarch64

  3. the opengl example is the particles in 5_simulations of cuda examples

today, i disable the printk and test it last for one hours, the problem is not arise again.
if the problem arise another time, i will submit it again.

thank you very much. linuxdev.