ifconfig can show can1 on tegra A, but coredump can't get messages

I am using AutoChauffeur, and there is a question:
why “ifconfig” and “ip link show” can show both can0 and can1 on tegra A, but candump can’t get any meassage on can1?
Could someone help me?
I know maybe because can1 is in tegra B, but why ifconfig on tegra A can see can1?
Thank you !

TegraA can only use CAN0
TegraB can only use CAN1
on autochauffeur

Dear sunyongjian,

Please refer to below for CAN port. Thanks.
-. CAN-5 -> CAN 0 on Tegra A
-. CAN-6 -> CAN 1 on Tegra B
-. CAN-1 -> channel A on Aurix
-. CAN-2 -> channel B on Aurix
​-. CAN-3 -> channel C on Aurix
​-. CAN-4 -> channel D on Aurix