Illegal 3D rendering on gtkglextmm(OpenGL) on Win10 GeForceMX150-398.11

I creating 3D application on using gtkglextmm.
Test in build environment(win7) are work well,
but test in running environment(win10) are illegal 3D rendering.
Correct the key behavior, 3D DrawingArea is illegal lightness background are
pressing a modifier key (ctrl, shift, alt, not windows key) time are darkness
background(correct background?).
Default illegal 3D rendering is illegal partial transparent in solid model,
pressing a modifier key are illegal comparative darkness rendering
and overflow specular shininess to darkness color.

Other self-created freeglut application in running environment are rendering
This condition is only the gtkglextmm when using GeForceMX150 on win10.
It is rendering correct when using integrated graphics.
Any GeForce driver gaming option?

build environment:
windows 7 pro 64-bit
msys2 mingw32 g++ 32-bit
GeForceGTS250 desktop
running environment:
windows 10 pro 64-bit
GeForceMX150 note pc
selectable Intel’s integrated graphics