Í'm looking for MLNX-OS Interoperability Matrix

Hello, we have a Infiniband Network with 6 SX6036 36port FDR switches and running MLNX-OS 3.6 and 3.4 and want to migrate to two QM8700 HDR Switches with MLNX-OS 3.10… What is the best practice for migration, enable the connection, move the SM to the new switches and plug the cables one by one to new switches, are there knows problems with different os versions. i can’t find any information about OS Interoperability on the support pages

First make sure you have the correct compatibility between the QM8700 FW versions (those are listed in the MLNX-OS relesae notes) or with the output of “show asic-version”

For example:


Hello Eddies, thanks for your answer. looks like that the firmware on the old SX Switches
9.3.5080 not compatible is with the new QM switches 27.2010.4210,
Problem is that we need to run the SM on the new switches to disconnect the old ones,
is there a possibility to move the SM to new switches without HA?

Hi Udo,

You can enable the SM on the new switches with a higher priority then the old SM on the SwitchX switches.