Image-based OTA update for AGX Industrial model (Jetpack5.0.2)

Because L4T 35.1(Jetpack5.0.2) support Imaged-based OTA.

I’m trying to build Image-based OTA payload for AGX Xavier industrial.
But I can’t find any suitable board configuration link p2822-0000+p2888-0008-RXXX-RXX-emmc in the last OTA tools.

Does NV support Image-based OTA payload for AGX Xavier industrial in L4T 35.1?
According my previous asked topic, it seems L4T 35.1 will support it?

Could NV provide correct configurations or settings to generate OTA payload for AGX-Xavier industrial?


Sorry that just confirmed AGXi still not supports with image based OTA yet. We plan to support it on 35.2.

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