Image based OTA Update staying in the same version

For our end customers I want to provide a simple update mechanism for the whole system without the need for an internet connection.
Currently I’m stick to Jetpack 4.6, since the carrier board provider will only pass me the customizations for this version.
I would like to generate an image based OTA Payload Package like described at

Only thing I wonder is that there is only described for how to generate a package which updates Jetpack 4.4 to 4.6. But I would like to stay at 4.6 and just add some software of my own into the package and send the whole Image then to our customers, so they can update their devices offline.

Is it even possible to stick with the same version for Image based OTA updates or are they only meant for upgrades?


Hi 4ndy,

Why you don’t just provide your package to customer and use script to update and install them?
It seems image-based OTA only support to upgrade to different version.

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