Image format for ObjectTracker

I am trying to use the dwObjectTracker with RGBA images to track detected objects, but dwObjectTracker_featureTrackDeviceAsync fails with DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT.
The images work with lanenet and drivenet object detection.
What image formats does the ObjectTracker support and how can I convert the images into the correct format?

Dear ragnar2k,

Did you test sample_object_tracker with your image?
“The sample can process up to 4 video streams. The video file must be an H.264 stream. Video containers such as MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. are not supported.”

I am having the same problem.
The sample requires H.264 stream, but any stream consists of individual images which have a pixel format. The sample you are referring to uses RCB pixel format and the object tracker is initialized with this pixel format. However, when I initialize the object tracker with RGBA it fails with the same error in the same function as in ragnar2k’s post when I pass it pointer to RGBA image as the first argument.

Edit: The actual error is: DW_INVALID_ARGUMENT: Image: channel counts are different than expected for the given format