Image issues

Hi All, I hope you are all safe and well? I have an issue which I cannot figure out and just left speechless and scratching my head.

I have a JetRacer with a Nano A02 which sort of works with a bodged image but happy this is working to continue research on autonomous vehicles. I also have a Jetracer Pro with a Nano B01 board which I cannot get working at all? I can download an image from Waveshare or the latest image from the dev section on Nvidia. I download them, I format my SD card(s) and flash the images.

Waveshare Image - this does not boot at all on either the A02 or the B01 boards.

Nvidia Image - Boots the B01 board but nothing is installed. I try some documents I have found on various sources for installing an SD card from scratch but… packages like Jupyter, and TensorFlow error have missing dependencies? So the Jetracer pro does not work at the moment, and I am stuck.

Has anyone else had anything like this? If so, how do you move forward and have a decent image that works?

Many Thanks in advance and stay safe.


Hi graham.hilton23,

Thanks for reaching out!

Do you mind sharing a link to the image that you’re using? There was a bootloader update with JetPack 4.5 which has explained a similar issue we’ve seen with the pre-made JetBot images targeting JetPack 4.5. Perhaps this is a related issue.


The image link is - Google Drive from the site JetRacer AI Kit - Waveshare Wiki. Hope this helps as its very frustrating! Many Thanks

Kind Regards

Graham Hilton BSc (Hons) MSc MBCS