Image of is not compatible with Jetson Nano 2GB version?

Hi guys, I facing a problem during this course:

I am using a Jetson Nano 2GB version, and I flashed the image according to the guideline(which is , when I wanted to get into the headless mode, the USB cable has connected to my macbook, and the power supply all ok, but I can’t log into the, I connect my jetson to a monitor, it is show me this

can anyone help me out of this? thank 🙂

Please try this image at Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer:
this SD Card Image (

Hi DaneLL

Thank you so much.

Can u guide me to get the Jupyter notebook for this course?

Please refer to

We have tried it on Nano 4GB. You may give it a try but it is possible to hit issues about memory shortage.

Hi DaneLLL

I still stuck in the beginning of the course, I don’t have the Jupyter note to start the course. and the previous solution was not for my problem.

I got my Jetson image installed, and it run well in desktop mode, I just enrolled the Deep Stream course, but I can’t get the Jupyter note to get started, can u send me the link to download the Jupyter note for this course?


Please check this post:
DeepStream for Video Analytics lab envirom,ent without reformating the SD Card? - #5 by DaneLLL
Jupyter note is included in the python samples. Please download it and give it a try.