Image-registry-creds.json not populating with metropolis sample app cloud reference

can anyone please point me out to where can I get support from the metropolis team?

I was following Installation and Setup — Metropolis on Jetson documentation 0.1.0 documentation for cloud installation. After a lot of struggle figured out ./ script do not create the “image-registry-creds.json” file. This was supposed to go into AWS certificate manager causing the installation to fail as ECS can not download the images to run. This is causing arms and legs with AWS Private CA running in the side :(.

Looking into the curl command in the script to populate the json file is also erroring out:

[ "$(curl -s -u ${REGUSER}:${REGPASS} -H ‘Accept:application/json’ -w ‘%{http_code}’ -o /dev/null "")" -eq 200 ]

Can anyone please help me pointing out to the NGC metropolis microservices team
help me how to run the curl command successfully
a sample json file which I can manually populate

That would be of great help!


I will check internally and feedback. Thanks.

hello kesong, any updates please? the team has been struggling getting this running

Please have a try again. Please use the “API key” in the link: instead of “Personal key”?

Hello kesong, we tried both of them. Sadly it is same. Was there any successful deployment by any users after release?

Can you share the error log? Can above command line pass?

There is no error log produced when we manually try the curl command . There is a prompt to type user, then password and then silently completes without any details.

There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue anymore. Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one. Thanks

We can’t reproduce the issue. It works fine in our side. Can you run the script and share log to us? Please ensure install the prerequisite(curl, jq) tool for the script.

Did you resolve the issue?

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