Image seq as texture?

I need to make a mobile app held & used in females hand.
So I need to have image seq in mobile phone USD objects screen.

I hope this is possible?

Hi @pekka.varis
Animated image sequence loading is something we’re working on for furture release. In the mean time, here is a MDL material that does take a sequence starting at 1001 and animates through the textures.

It leverages our UDIM support so it begins at 1001 and ends 2000. So you’ll have to renumber.

Hope this is helpful
OmniPBR_Animated.mdl (31.3 KB)


Thank you so much fpliu ! I shall play with your custom solution :)

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I applied the mdl you sended to a plane. Then I used my img sequence on Albedo map, as you can see from the screenshot.

My image seq is 2500 long jpg seq, named like:

I see no playback of this video texture in my plane when I drag or play the timeline in Machinima :P

Also in rendering there was no video playback on this material.

So what should I do next? You said I have to rename. Do I have to rename my jpg seq to start like “img-seq1000.jpg” ?

Unfortunately your image sequence must start at 1001 and can only go up to 1200. This is because we’re using our UDIM feature to fake animated image sequences.

Try renaming it to Img.1001.png to img.1200.png

Thank you. I tried to make it work, but still something block it from playing back…

My png seq is named like: Img.1001.png and so on to 1200.
I rendered it from frames 1 to 1400 with realtime rtx but I got no playback.

Here is the simple scene with your material + my png seq. Could you please check it out?

To use UDIMs or animated sequences, UDIM’s require that you put <UDIM> in the image file name. This replaces the frame number in the sequence.

Ex. image.<UDIM>.png

Hope that helps.

I understand. But I have never heard of this UDIM.
I can rename the first image but how can I still keep the images in correct order if I have to replace the “1001” with ?

How do I rename the “1002” then?

Your image sequence begins at 1001 and the ends at 1200. For example image.1001.jpg, image.1002.jpg, image.1003.jpg etc.

In the texture parameter you input the following. image.<UDIM>.jpg

The token <UDIM> tells the render to expect multiple texture maps as inputs.

They will then be played at 24fps in the viewport (22.2 MB)

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This is it! Thank you.
It also previews nice in real time mode.
Something that was always bugging with Cinema 4D and any decent renderers realtime preview…

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