Image Sequence

Is it possible to import motion/camera tracking and the tracked image sequence as backround in Create?
I can see that it is possible to load a single backplate image in the Post Processing tab.


Hello @jngimaj! This is a highly requested feature. We do not have a camera tracking extension. I know that pekka.varis is looking into making an Extension. Here is the post: Anyone interested in developing a neat Camera conrol extension?

If we can get a community extension project started, I can make sure that you have help from the development team.

Another forum post on it here: Camera / Lense Tracking Extension available

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Hi, It would be nice with a motion tracking extention, But my question was not so much about an extention, but more in terms of when I have imported the camera from another application. How, if possible do I get the footage into Create. I can only get an single exr. image loaded in the post processing tab rather than a sequence. I am trying to achieve the Blender example below.

From Blender

Fom Create

Hi @jngimaj. Thanks for the details. I am directing this to our Blender dev team.

Hello @jngimaj. I checked with the RTX team, and was informed that Create doesn’t currently support image sequences for backplates, but that an extension could probably be written to update the texture on every frame. (Maybe this cold be part of the Camera control extension proposal Wendy mentioned above, but I’m not sure.) As for Blender, the USD exporter does not currently export the camera background images, but this feature could probably be added fairly easily, once a workflow for specifying backplate image sequences in Create is available. Please let me know if you have any questions.