image size limits question


Recently I found there is a problem with my OpenCL code.
The problem occurs with loading image into OpenCL buffer clCreateImage2D there returns error -40 (CL_INVALID_IMAGE_SIZE)
sizes passed to it are: width=4722, height=3142

As far as I found this version of opencl returns 4096 for maximum image width (from clGetDeviceInfo).
However OpenCL specification at states that minimum limit should be 8192 if images are supported.
Also it was working in previous versions.

Is this a regression of some kind? Will it get fixed?

I have nvidia gts 250 card (512 mb)
nvidia cuda version installed is 3.2
nvidia drivers version is 260.19.29
OS is Gentoo Linux.

This was already discussed as part of the “Segmentation fault in clBuildProgram” topic, a little bit hidden on the second page, please see this post. In short, according to NVIDIA the OpenCL 1.0 specification is wrong here, the minimum should be 4096, and NVIDIA’s OpenCL 1.1 driver (currently in beta) will support 8192 as the minimum.