Image streamer for Camera Input - requested type not available?

I am having problems creating an image streamer from a camera input. I modified the sample code “image_streamer_simple” to accept a camera input. The camera (in this case a virtual camera using a h264 video), is successfully initialized and the properties are output to the console:
image size 1920x1208 at 30 fps
image plane count: 3
Pixel format: YUV420 (6000)
image type: DW_IMAGE_CUDA (2)

When I execute this code:
dwImageStreamerHandle_t streamerCamera2CUDA;
status = dwImageStreamer_initialize(&streamerCamera2CUDA, &InputImageProps, DW_IMAGE_CUDA, sdk);
if (status != DW_SUCCESS) {
std::cerr << "Cannot init image Camera2CUDA streamer: " << dwGetStatusName(status) << std::endl;
gRun = false;

I get this error:
“Driveworks exception thrown: DW_NOT_AVAILABLE: The requested streamer type is not available”
Cannot init image Camera2CUDA streamer: DW_NOT_AVAILABLE

How do I setup a image streamer using the camera? I a am using this code to read the image:

status = dwSensorCamera_readFrame(&frame, 0, 50000, CameraSensor);
if (status == DW_END_OF_STREAM)
return status;
if (status != DW_SUCCESS) {
std::cout << " Camera_readFrame - readFrameCUDA: " << dwGetStatusName(status) << std::endl;
return status;

dwImageCUDA *yuvCUDA;
status = dwSensorCamera_getImageCUDA(&yuvCUDA, DW_CAMERA_PROCESSED_IMAGE, frame);
if (status != DW_SUCCESS) {
std::cout << "getImage: " << dwGetStatusName(status) << std::endl;
return status;



Sorry, I do not quite understand; if the camera stream is already in dwImageCuda, you are trying to stream it into dwImageCuda again?