implement the multi-threading tegra decoder, but can not destroy the context successfully, why?


i have a question for the developer of the tegra decoder:

i want to use multi-threading decoder to decode the h264 nalu streams, i created 3 threads to run the sample code of the tegra docder(00_video_decode), i can decode the h264 nalu strreams successfully, but when i want to destroy the decoder context, the code is below:

if (ctx.conv)

it will block in this function, never to exit.

so i want to get some helps for this problem:

1 can the tegra decoder support the multi-threading?
2 why the code will block in that function?


Hi weixuan, can you share a patch on 00_video_decode so that we can reproduce the issue and debug further?


thanks for your reply, i had fixed this problem.