Implementation of rfluxmtx (radiance function) with Optix

Dear all,
I have installed Accelerad 0.6 beta for linux. AdditionalyI have installed Optix 3.9.1 in order to implement the rfluxmtx-acclerad in a more efficient way than rfluxmtx from radiance.

When I try to run the function rfluxmtx-accelerad (after facing all problems of dependency etc.) I have this error:

accelerad_rcontrib: internal - File not found (Details: Function “RTresult _rtProgramCreateFromPTXFile(RTcontext, const char*, const char*, RTprogram_api**)” caught exception:, [2031686])

I cannot understand what is the problem and what I have to fix. Is it an installation problem? I am not even sure if my installation is succesful, I cannot find any clear tutorial of how to install Optix succesfully.

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards.

This sounds more of a question you should ask the author of that program.
It’s most likely not an OptiX SDK problem.

The error says that the file could not be found.

First, check if that file exist anywhere on your system’s drives.
If not, it was either not present in the installation, or if that application requires to compile CUDA to PTX programs, that might have failed.
If yes, is it in the place where the application tries to load it from?

Asking because many of the OptiX SDK examples only work in the folders they have been built in on the specific machine and when running the samples from any other location some environment variables need to be set so that the resources and programs are found (OPTIX_SAMPLES_SDK_DIR and OPTIX_SAMPLES_SDK_PTX_DIR).

Personally I’m never doing that in my own OptiX framework. All my executable’s fixed resources are located relative to the executable and that runs in any base folder, and additional search paths can be adjusted in some preferences.