Implementing NVIDIA Highlights Plugin for Unreal Engine 4

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NVIDIA Highlights (or just Highlights) is a feature of NVIDIA Shadowplay that allows players to capture in-game moments automatically based on in-game events. (More information about Shadowplay can be found here). This tutorial focuses on the Unreal Engine plugin which adds support for NVIDIA Highlights to Blueprints and C++, allowing developers to integrate the SDK into…

Thank you for the great work, I've seen this feature is massively used by game casters.

Hi, thanks for this, i have successfully implemented this today.
Some work is needed on the documentation though, things to note:

Lack of c++ documentation (would be great to have a guide on this, perhaps just a small example project would do the trick)

If no default locale is set "Highlights Configure" fails with the error "error", it needs to be mentioned in the docs that this is *required*.

Examples of "Group description translation" fields, and "Name Translation" fields (takes a bit to figure out with no instructions :)

Thanks for all the work on this, its such a superb feature.