Implementing OV9281 on Jetson AGX Xavier devkit

I’m using JP4.4 please see below status:

  1. I enabled ov9281 on AGX

  2. it works with v4l2 and gstreamer

  3. nvgstcapture is not working with ov9281 but working well with ov5693

  4. we have issue with 120 FPS mode with ov9281, but it works well with ov5693

  • from Nvidia forums, I understand that problem is related to nvidia *.so libraries that are not supporting ov9281 and suggestion was to request ov9281 SW package patch from vision components

But I can see nothing on their website or in NVIDIA forums no drivers are available?
can NVIDIA support it? Guide us?


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hello efiryw2d,

nvgstcapture should be workable while it works with both v4l2 and gstreamer.
did you purchase OV9281 camera sensor from Jetson Camera Partners? suggest you should contact with them for further supports.

Hi Jerry,
No we purchased it without any partner. can you please assist? guide?

hello efiryw2d,

please refer to developer guide,
here’s Approaches for Validating and Testing the V4L2 Driver for several sample commands to access the camera stream.
you may first to check Applications Using V4L2 IOCTL Directly by using V4L2 IOCTL to verify basic functionality.