Implementing the Multi-Person Pose Estimation on a Jetson TK1?

Hi everyone. We recently purchased two Jetson TK1’s with the hopes of implementing this Multi-Person Pose Estimation program that we saw.

We wanted to implement it in a portable device that had a good amount of CUDA Cores and had CUDA installed already, that’s why we purchased TK1’s. However, upon going through the install process, it seems that the implementations only work on 64bit Operating Systems, or would at least need CUDA 7.5 onwards.

Looking for TK1 updates that NVidia Released, it seems like the latest CUDA version it has is 6.5, and installing anything higher might not work because the TK1 is running on 32-bit Architecture.

So I am stuck in a bind here, and any leads on how to implement the said program on a TK1? Buying a TX2 isn’t an option because there’s no funds for it as of now. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Hi angelo_v,

We don’t have experience on the Multi-Person Pose Estimation program you mentioned, and yes, the latest TK1 BSP version R21.6 is still 32-bit Architecture, and CUDA 6.5 is the newest (and last) release. To move TK1 on 64bit OS in not in plan yet.

You may consider to use TX1 to get more support.