Import omni.client into containerized kit app

Hey, I’m attempting to develop a micro-service based application which utilizes the ‘omni.client’ python library to communicate with a nucleus server. I have my code working locally, but when I go and build the Docker image, I am unable to run the container as it cannot find the necessary omni.client library that is required to communicate with a Nucleus Server.

Here is the sample Dockerfile I’m using to build the image, however I’m not sure how to import the required omni client dependency.

# syntax=docker/dockerfile:1


# Install Kit services dependencies.
# This code is pulled from a extension registry and the `--ext-precache-mode` will pull down the extensions and exit.
RUN /opt/nvidia/omniverse/kit-sdk-launcher/kit \
    --ext-precache-mode \
    --enable \
    --enable \
    --/exts/omni.kit.registry.nucleus/registries/0/name=kit/services \
    --/exts/omni.kit.registry.nucleus/registries/0/url= \

EXPOSE 8011/tcp

    "/opt/nvidia/omniverse/kit-sdk-launcher/kit", \
        "--exec", "", \
        "--enable", "", \
        "--enable", "", \
        "--allow-root" \