Import tensorflow doesn't work

Hi all,
I’m having trouble importing the tensorflow module in python.
does anyone have advice on how to fix this?

dmesg.txt (56.4 KB)


Based on the log, you may not install CUDA toolkit correctly.
Would you mind to check it first?

You should be able to install the CUDA toolkit from sdkmananger directly.


If you share a little more info, many idea would be presented ^^

My Jetson Nano has R32.1.0 L4T, and libcudart library is here:

  1. find the directory if it has what you want, correct versioned lib!
  2. if yes, LD_LIBRARY_PATH would be helpful. if not, you should install correct version CUDA library.


As MtHiker said, the TensorFlow package you installed is looking for the CUDA 10.0.
If you are using JetPack 4.4, which is CUDA 10.2, it won’t be compatible.