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Hello. I’m a newcomer to 3D, but I’m really excited to dive into all of this. Perhaps my question is trivial, but I couldn’t find the answer. I’m having trouble with importing along with textures, and the objects are very small, so I have to scale everything up. Scaling might be a minor issue, but I’m unsure about what to do with the textures.

I created my first model in Blender and tried to import it into Unreal Engine. As you can see, there are no textures. What did I do wrong?

@sergeikdi i am not a Blender user nor a dev behind OV, but i think the size/scale has to do with the unit measurement set during export.

regarding texture, i believe this video tutorial went through the export process into a USD. what i’d like to know is whether your intention is to work between Blender and UE; but, you want to use USD? or are you thinking about utilizing the Omniverse platform in your workflow?

Greetings @Simplychenable . I express my gratitude for your response. I shall endeavor to address your queries. I did indeed intend to employ Omniverse to simplify my workflow for video game creation. The aspiration was to swiftly and effectively transport objects from Blender to Unreal Engine. Regrettably, this endeavor has not yielded success. All my imported objects within Unreal Engine appear diminutive and bereft of textures. Contrarily, per video demonstrations, the process seemed seamless. I am equipped with the most current software version, Windows 11. Regrettably, there exists a scarcity of informative resources online. I confess my current dilemma leaves me uncertain about my next course of action and the purpose for which Omniverse is now installed. It is conceivable that I shall have to explore alternative avenues if resolution is not forthcoming.

can you take a screenshot of the material you are using on your model? it could be that the material you are using inside blender isn’t compatible or got lost during USD conversion. here is a breakdown of a Blender material template if you’d want to give it a try.

i think this will be an important step since you are using the Omniverse plugin to export, so i am hoping by sticking to the template shown in the link, you may be able to preserve the material through the export process.

and regarding the scale issue, see if the two solutions/workarounds from the dev from this thread make sense.

I utilized Blender’s standard shader kit and added textures. However, when exporting through Omniverse, the textures seem to disappear. I have spent a full week attempting to address this issue, going through documentation and watching various online videos, but without success. I am genuinely disappointed by the unexpected complexity that arose from what initially seemed to be a straightforward task – transferring a 3D model to a game engine.

Despite advancements in technology, including artificial intelligence and powerful graphics cards, I still find myself facing this challenge. I must invest significant time in resolving what should be a simple matter. I am experiencing frustration due to this situation.

Please, let me know if there is any assistance you can provide to help resolve this matter efficiently. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Sergei Novikov

Hi @sergeikdi,

First, I’d like to suggest trying the new version of Blender 4.0.0 Alpha on our launcher, as it has new methods for translating shaders. When testing, I recommend also making sure your Unreal Engine Connector is up to date.

I’d like to also know if exporting locally makes a difference.