Import URDF from Omniverse Nucleus Server


With the “omni.isaac.urdf” extension enabled is possible to load urdf files of robots (carter, kaya, ur10) from “file///isaac-sim/_build/linux-x86_64/release/data/urdf/robots” (container path) but not from the same folder upload to Omniverse Nucleus Server “omni:/Users/admin/robots” (omniverse web service)…

Any idea?

Hello myself

I cannot import .urdf files directly from the folders of the omniverse web service yet.
But, when I press “Download Folder” from the context menu over that target directory in “Content” tab, a copy of the directory is done in “file///isaac-sim/_build/target-deps/kit_sdk_release/_build/linux-x86_64/release/data/Kit/isaac-sim-headless/2020.1/Downloads”

Then, I can import the .urdf model from there (container path) successfully.
Maybe is not the best solution but it is works!

Hi, your solution is the correct one for now. I’m afraid loading URDFs from the server is not supported.
You should see a line below in the terminal when loading a URDF on a server:
Only local paths supported currently

We will look into it improving the usage the next version.