Important! for people afflicted by nvidia shifted screen to the right bug 355/358/361 drivers, read

The dev that is taking a look at this issue is asking everyone to post here their monitor model they are using when getting the shifted screen bug,so that nvidia can replicate this with a similar model of their own and fix the bug.

Quoting the nvidia dev i have been talking to.

[b]Also, assuming we don’t have your display, it will be helpful to know the VGA display models that have this problem, so we can reproduce and fix the problem. I found some information at the links you provided but the actual monitor models are not listed (they are listed like this: 60" Samsung 3D LED , ACER touchscreen monitor, etc)

It would be helpful if you found out the monitor models that other users reported with the problem, and provide a link to specs for your monitor. [/b]

Lets all fix this bug peeps!

Hi. When I experienced the problem I was using a nVidia GTX 750 Ti by Palit connected via VGA to a Samsung S19C300B ( Now I am using the DVI port.