Important information missing in the PxRigidBody documentation.

In the addForce(), addTorque() documentation at it is clearly stated that:
“It is invalid to use this method if the actor has not been added to a scene already or if PxActorFlag::eDISABLE_SIMULATION is set.”
However, I realized that this also applies to kinematic actors. This happened to me when tinkering around with custom PhysX code in Unreal Engine 4. Since by default UE4 only uses the profile version of PhysX, I was given no error message and it took me really long to figure out what was going on. I really think that the documentation might use a little improvement there, since partial information can actually be misleading.


There is some documentation for the PxRigidBodyFlag::eKinematic flag, which makes it clear that forces cannot be applied to kinematic actors.

Kinematic actors are special dynamic actors that are not influenced by forces (such as gravity), and have no momentum. They are considered to have infinite mass and can be moved around the world using the setKinematicTarget() method. They will push regular dynamic actors out of the way. Kinematics will not collide with static or other kinematic objects.

Point noted, though.