Importing a 4 wheel robot in Isaac


I want to use a non-holonomic, front wheel drive with Ackermann steering, 4 wheel robot (like a car) with several cameras for inspecting the inside of factories. I see that Isaac Unity3D has C# scripts for setting wheel torques to control DifferentialBase robots such as Carter and Kaya. My questions are as follows:

  1. Is there any way I can get a robot with 4 wheels to work in Isaac? What would the steps be if so? I saw the process of adding a custom robot in the Unity3D documentation but it would be good if there’s a checklist of things I could follow.
  2. Would I need to import the model of this robot from URDF or something else? I saw on another thread that Omniverse supports direct URDF imports whereas Unity3D requires a paid tool to do so. So should I switch over to using Omniverse?
  3. Is there an LQR controller for a 4 wheel robot which I can use or would I have to write one myself?


Hi @adhamija

Any progress on this?

Yes, I was able to get it working by first creating a 4 wheel robot in Unity3D by following the instructions here:

After that I had to make some changes to the C# script for configuring the front 2 wheels for steering. I don’t remember the filename but it’s one of the files used for controlling the Carter robot using a joystick. It worked pretty well after making the above changes. BTW, NVIDIA did say that they’re adding ackermann steering to the next release of Isaac SDK in yesterday’s GTC session.

Alright, that’s good to hear. Thanks for the response!