Importing a 4 wheel robot in Isaac


I want to use a non-holonomic, front wheel drive with Ackermann steering, 4 wheel robot (like a car) with several cameras for inspecting the inside of factories. I see that Isaac Unity3D has C# scripts for setting wheel torques to control DifferentialBase robots such as Carter and Kaya. My questions are as follows:

  1. Is there any way I can get a robot with 4 wheels to work in Isaac? What would the steps be if so? I saw the process of adding a custom robot in the Unity3D documentation but it would be good if there’s a checklist of things I could follow.
  2. Would I need to import the model of this robot from URDF or something else? I saw on another thread that Omniverse supports direct URDF imports whereas Unity3D requires a paid tool to do so. So should I switch over to using Omniverse?
  3. Is there an LQR controller for a 4 wheel robot which I can use or would I have to write one myself?